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Cops and Robbers: Hoiru Unmei (Y) by suberidai Cops and Robbers: Hoiru Unmei (Y) by suberidai
For :iconcops-and-robbers:


Name: Hoiru Unmei (Hoiru means wheel and Unmei means fortune, so his name means Wheel of Fortune)
Alias: Y (Pronounced in French; "i grec")
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 23 (National Lucky Penny Day; Gemini)
Age: 17
Blood type: O+
Nationality: Japanese
IQ: 101 (...average)


Height: 55
Weight: N/A
Hair color: Black (dyes it red)
Eye color: Brown


Open-minded - Doesn't see things as one or the other. Open to opinions.
Easy-going - Works when he has to, and doesn't when he don't have to. Freeloader...
Bit of a coward - Almost never ever engages in a fight. He'll always try to run.
Somewhat mischievous - When he feels like it, he'll play a prank fortune (that somehow comes true).
Superstitious - Influenced by his grandfather who is also superstitious.
Naive - Falls for the same tricks all the time.

Girls (although he has no luck with them lol)
Video games
Making charms (although he's bad at it)
Reading/watching manga and anime
Cardinal (his role model, adores him so much that he dyed his hair the same color; yes I made him up XP)
Fuku (his bird)

Really sour and bitter food
Getting hurt
When "X" and "Z" picks on him (he doesn't take it to heart though, because he knows they care <3)

Predictions (or mere coincidences...)
The strength, speed, endurance, and even reflexes of a black belt in karate (ten years of training from his father)

Zero battle experience (always runs away)
Can't muster courage
Conned easily
Gets dragged into things
Lacks any karate techniques or skills (although his father trained his body well, can't say much about anything else)

Born and raised in Japan, "Y" is an only child (lives with both parents, however is presently residing in France?). His mother comes from a line of priestesses that worship Fukurokuju, however is not a priestess herself. She manages a little gift shop at the old shrine with her father. His father is a karate teacher, and trained him ever since he turned 5. His parents are traditional, but aren't nosy. He is greatly influenced by his grandfather (from his mother's side). His family doesn't know that he is a robber. They think he is just studying abroad.

As a kid, he was quite lonely, because it was hard for other kids to understand him or they simply chose to avoid him. It is pretty rare in this day and age of rapid technological advances to still have religious believers. Where science has gained a predominance over religion, "Y" has gained no real friends. He, however, takes much comfort at home with his family. At home he would be introduced to all kinds of video games (all from his grandpa) and anime (*ahem* also all from his grandpa).

Really long story short, he accidentally bumps into "X" and "Z" in China, simultaneously, 2 years ago. "X" was actually doing his final prep mission for the Robbers under the guidance of "Pierre." "Z" was extorting money from Chinese officials. As for "Y?" Well let's just say it was not his lucky day...he accidentally gets shipped to China! (Like literally shipped.) For starters, the rank for "X's" mission unexpectedly rose way above his capacity. While on the run, "X" meets "Z" (who was also on the run) and "Y" who was just trying to get back home. A meeting of destiny? They somehow, through a series of events, completed a tough mission together. This leads "Pierre" their supervisor/coordinator to recruit the three as a team. One thing to note was that "XYZ" started as only "X."


Rank: F
Weapon: Bag of stones and coins (Normally used to tell fortunes or as a last resort attack?...)
Specialty: Fortunetelling (or rather just his luck...)
Android: N/A

Pet: Fukurokuju (Fuku for short)
"Y" got him (yeah the bird is a boy) for his 14th birthday from his parents. Apparently, when he told his parents that he wanted Cardinal (he meant the anime) for his birthday, they thought he meant a cardinal bird. In the end, "Y" liked the bird so it didn't matter.
Fuku likes to sit on "Y's" head. Currently is 3 years old, and spoiled by "Y." Use: traveling companion. Ability: can camouflage in "Y's" hair...

A member of a French specialized recon team consisting of three agents: "X", "Y", and "Z." "XYZ"works for the Robbers. (I will submit a picture of them and more specific info about their encounter.)
"X" and "Z" are the closest people he can call a friend (but they'll never admit it).
His favorite food is Pandan-flavored ice-cream.
Sometimes you can't even say that he reads fortunes, but more like he jinxes things.
Education status: Studying high school abroad with "X" and "Z". Expenses covered by "Pierre."
Fukurokuju (fuku: "happiness"; roku: "wealth"; and ju: "longevity") is one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology. "Y's" bird is named after him.
"Y's" last name, Unmei, not only means fortune but fate, destiny and doom as well. So is it really the wheel of fortune or doom?...
A bit about Monsieur "Pierre" is that he is an acquaintance to "X's" father. As a recruiter for Robbers, he is the link all three have to the Robbers. A stylish and flashy middle-aged man who enjoys the splendor that being a Robber gives. He is referred to as just "Pierre" (mainly because he is French). (ntxooxyooj will actually provide a picture and detailed profile on him later. So for now I hope this is enough info.)

*hands app to "Pierre"*
Pierre: "...Did you doodle all over your application?"
Y: " I-I did...will this affect my acceptance?
Pierre: "You bet it does! Will you draw me too?"
Y: "...................did I get in?"

X (c) :iconntxooxyooj:
Z (c) :iconlythrn:
Y (c) Me
Drawn 8/4/2012 and 8/11/2012.
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nadare-kun Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
he's cool!!

:iconicantbelieveitplz: wow his supervisor's name is the same as my oc XD
suberidai Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Student
Thanks. :thanks:
:noes::noes::noes: It is the same...:omg: I hope there won't be any misunderstandings because of this...(btw your Pierre is so much cooler)
nadare-kun Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
yes i was confused at first
but we are on different teams so there wont be any i guess (i hope so) lol

nice to meet you btw ^^
suberidai Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Student
Nice to meet you too. ^^
FallenLuna Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Your Hoiru Is Super Cute~~ :iconiloveitplz:
I hope you will get in~ xD
suberidai Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student
Thanks XD, I hope I get in as well (praying really, really hard right now).
FallenLuna Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
xD I just got in lol :) You should too, your app is awesome~ :D
suberidai Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student
Wow congratz ^^. Your app is really awesome too! Lol I just noticed our jackets are both green (great minds think alike?).
FallenLuna Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you~~
Lol Yes, great minds think alike xDD
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